Message from the Representatives

Shigeo Watanabe President
Shigeo Watanabe

These days, businesses are required to conduct SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) which improves environmental preservation and cope with potential environmental risk. It comes from the idea of sustainable industrial development in the global society. Environmentally-friendly properties, which save energy, emit less carbon dioxide, add to and improve the effects of landscape, have been increasingly constructed. Eco-friendly properties can be seen more often than ever for the purpose of achieving a sustainable society.

By implementing the environmental policies of EMS (Environmental Management System), we have been saving energy and going paperless. We expect our efforts will result in leading to friendlier work places for diversified staff.
I have confidence that our one of our core values is to pay respect to the character and life style of each staff member, help them to be creative by maintaining an open and free corporate culture, and to continue keeping your trust.

Based on the “DAIWA Standard,” we have published appraisal reports, valuation reports, estimation of compensation, business valuation reports, engineering reports, consulting reports as well as useful services and data including KANTEI DB, DAIWA’s Market Report, and DAIWA OPI (Office Price Index). We continuously improve existing services, taking advantage of the growing power of Asia, and establish a firm base as a pioneering general real estate consulting firm by making full use of the teamwork between architecture, IT, real estate market research and analysis, and multiple languages.