Our Business

System Valuation

■ Supporting roadside land price valuation
■ Valuation of farms, forests and lands for miscellaneous use
■ Development of property tax support system and installation
■ Consulting on the administrative work related to property tax

System Valuation Department

Since our establishment, we have been involved in a large number of land valuation projects at the same time, including standard building site valuations for fixed assets and valuations of large condominiums. We have set up the System Valuation Department with the aim of developing a valuation system that incorporates statistical analytical methods by capitalizing on the skills we have developed through our valuation services, and further systematizing the collection, quantification and analysis of the price forming factors. In addition, we have established a research and production system chiefly for road rating in association with fixed asset taxes. Introducing the geographical information system (GIS), digital image processing and other cutting-edge technologies, we have gained the support of many local governments and companies seeking high precision mass land valuation.

Guide to our fixed asset valuation services

  • ・ Road rating and land lot valuation by fixed asset land valuation experts
  • ・ Road rating estimated on the basis of reliable supporting data
  • ・ Strong track record in the valuation of non-building site
  • ・ As a partner for asset taxation...
  • ・ Experienced in dealing with lawsuits (sound accountability)
  • ・ Consulting on labor-saving and efficient taxation work
  • ・ Data necessary for valuation acquired using an independently.developed system.
  • ・ The system supports many formats for the output of valuation results.