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■ Objects survey service: Buildings, machinery, trees, etc.
■ Compensation for goodwill and special titles: Goodwill, fishing rights, etc.
■ Compensation related service: Explain the compensation amount, project outline, etc.
■ Compensation for operating loss

Compensation Department

To implement a public project, land acquisition may be required and buildings may need to be moved. In this event, the national government, local governments and other builders offer reasonable compensation pursuant to Paragraph 3, Article 29 of the Japanese Constitution.
The infrastructure development cannot be advanced without the smooth acquisition of sites for public projects. The Compensation Department has been launched to meet demand for facilitating the land acquisition process with the aim of well-balanced social development.
A total of eight divisions in which compensation consultants specialize have been registered. They are the land survey division, the land valuation division, the property division, the machinery and structure division, the business and special compensation division, the operating loss division, the compensation-related division and the overall compensation division. In future, the Compensation Department will act as a specialist capable of taking extensive action to carry out its activities.

Compensation Services of Compensation Consultants

  • ・ Land survey division
  • ・ Land valuation division
  • ・ Property division
  • ・ Machinery and structure division
  • ・ Business and special compensation division
  • ・ Operating loss division
  • ・ Compensation-related division
  • ・ Overall compensation division