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Architect Engineering

■ Engineering report: Building inspection, soil contamination, hazardous substances, seismic risk
■ Environmental consulting: Soil contamination, hazardous substances
■ Construction management: Estimation of life cycle cost, status of building management
■ Designing consulting: Cross examination of building planning, Land development consultation

Engineering Report Department

An engineering report (ER) constitutes a key part of the due diligence on real estate in the form of a physical survey report. To ensure the proper valuation of real estate and protect investors, and in light of growth in the real estate securitization market, it is more essential than ever to promptly offer ERs that are extremely reliable.
To meet this market demand, the Engineering Report Department is staffed with first-class architects and other specialists to assess the physical conditions of buildings and provide highly reliable ERs by examining the various risks that affect the value of real estate while holding fast to impartiality based on engineering. Working with I-search Co., Ltd., our subsidiary that specializes in architectural engineering, we capitalize on our network of head offices and other offices to respond swiftly to customers’ needs in every corner of the country.
In particular, the Appraisal Department and Securitization Valuation Department receive requests for ER services bundled with real estate appraisal and valuation services. We are ready to provide a one-stop service covering sound valuation and risk comprehension.

Preparing an Engineering Report

Objective of operations
Due diligence consists of three essential aspects – a legal investigation, an economic investigation and a physical investigation. The engineering report is defined as a physical investigation report that is as important as the reports on the legal and economic studies. This survey requires the advanced technical skills and expertise of architects and other professionals and must be fairly performed from an impartial standpoint. It is also essential to be able to fulfill accountability to third parties.
Taking this stance, we meet many different needs by performing building status investigations, building environment risk assessments, soil contamination risk assessments and seismic risk (PML) assessments from an objective perspective, and provide high-quality detailed engineering reports.

Report coverage
  • building status investigations
     - investigations of the status of the building
      - investigations of compliance
     - Estimate of repair and renovation costs
     - Estimate of rebuilding cost
  • Building environmental risk assessment
  • Soil contamination risk assessment
  • Seismic risk (PML) assessment

The report is customized to best suit clients' purposes.

We will not only provide full reports but also meet the needs of customers who only require a check of the degradation of the building and an estimate of the repair and renovation costs, for an investigation into compliance or a soil contamination risk assessment. We are flexible in terms of the service and the fee.

Our Advantage
One-stop, high quality, rapid solutions based on the acceptance of orders for services combined with real estate appraisal and valuation

Our Advantage