Our Business


■ Valuation services related to securitization: Acquisition, disposition and periodical valuation
■ Sale and purchase of property, property exchange
■ Estimation of property and land rent: Renewal of leasing contract, dispute settlement
■ M&A, business revitalization: Business valuation, civil rehabilitation act
■ 8special asset teams:

Service Overview

As an independent appraisal and valuation body, we provide a broad array of appraisal and valuation services from a fair and impartial standpoint.
  • ・ Valuation services for general private businesses
  • Securitization Valuation  >>show details
  • ・ Collaboration with experts
  • ・ Valuation services concerning the acquisition and sell-off of sites for public use
  • ・ Services for personal clients
  • ・ Real estate consulting
  • ・ Valuation service related to securitizaton

Valuation services for general private businesses

  • ・ Valuations of collateral
  • ・ References for trading
  • ・ Requests from the accounting division
      - Accounting for impairment of assets
      - Market value valuation of real estate for rent or other uses (planned)
      - Posting of asset retirement obligations
  • ・ Valuations on the occasion of M&A, stock swap, stock split or the like
  • ・ Real estate valuations associated with business takeovers
  • ・ Preparations for stock listing
  • ・ Check on appropriateness of land price or rent

Services for personal clients

  • ・ Estimation of value regarding calculation of inheritance tax
  • ・ Reference for partition of estate at the time of inheritance
  • ・ Calculation of rent for land or building
  • ・ Calculation of leasehold price and lump-sum money
  • ・ Calculation of compensation for removal

General Process Flow

General Process Flow
※1 Please contact us for the appraisal and valuation fee as it varies depending on the size of the property and the degree of difficulty involved in the valuation. ※2 We will provide explanations of the materials necessary for real estate appraisal and valuation.