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Quality Enhancement Measures

Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification

Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal has adopted ISO 9001 in view of the enhanced quality of products, and has standardized all its processes from order receipt to delivery.
(Appraisal Department, Tokyo Head Office; Appraisal Department and System Valuation Department, Osaka Head Office)
ISO9001 Quality Policy
By providing guidance to realize ideal usage of real estate, we contribute to the creation of a prosperous society. To this end, we provide customers with accurate prices and information for all real estate, both within Japan and abroad, from a fair and neutral standpoint and in a way that allows us to fulfill our accountability. Moreover, we have established an organization that offers diverse information about real estate that keeps pace with changes in the economy and society, and we undertake continuous improvements.
August 1, 2009
Shuzo Masuda, Representative Director
Shigeki Yasugi, Representative Director
Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd.

Specific measures for quality enhancement
(in the case of the Appraisal Department)

Client request
Provisional acceptance
by the licensed real estate
appraiser in charge
The licensed real estate appraiser in charge checks whether the client’s request meets the appraisal standards. At the same time, they check that no request has been made by another client for the same property. The appraiser also provides a quote.
Examination for acceptance
by the department head
The licensed real estate appraiser in charge advises whether the request can be formally accepted based on the content of the application after studying the contents, conditions, work period and other factors related to the request.
Official acceptance The order is officially accepted and the quote, request form, acceptance form and other documents are delivered.
Beginning of task An on-site survey is conducted, the materials required for the appraisal are gathered and preparation of the appraisal document commences pursuant to the appraisal standards.
Checking of calculations
and documents
The appraisal document prepared by the person in charge and the licensed real estate appraiser is checked by the person who prepared it, then by others, so the contents are carefully examined by several people.
Examination Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal has established in-house examination rules, and examinations are conducted by the examination meetings, etc.
Inspection before delivery Prior to delivery, the department head inspects the bound appraisal document.
Delivery The completed documents and outcomes are presented and explained to the client. We always try to stand in the client’s shoes and offer careful, simple explanations.
Actions after delivery We regularly conduct surveys and interviews with clients about the content of documents and our services, so we can use the results for future reference.

Measures taken as an appraisal institution: when several licensed real estate appraisers work together, we ensure that when we conduct appraisal work, information is exchanged constantly and understanding is shared through on-site surveys, examination meetings, collaborations and other means.